Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10 Creative Ways to Honor Your Pastor

#1 Pastor VS Food
Pastors love to eat.  Take one entire week and bless your Pastor and his family with dinner every night!

#2 Extreme Home Makeover
Some Pastors are skilled tradesman, others are not!  Plan to help your Pastor with that project he has been putting off, with that deck he has always dreamed of building, or that landscaping that has desperately been needed.
#3 Prosper My Ride
Everyone loves a clean, detailed vehicle!  Take Pastors ride to the next level and top off the gas tank while you're at it!

#4 Extreme OFFICE Makeover
Plan an extreme makeover of yours Pastors office! What is that new piece of furniture that your Pastor would absolutely love? How about some fresh paint? A new coffee maker?

#5 Get Out of Church Free
Give Pastor an extra weekend off!  Encourage him to go visit friends, family or just flat get out of town!

#6 Honey I Blessed the KIDS
Want a great way to make your Pastor feel incredible?  Bless his/her kids!  Go over the top to do something special for their children.  Take them out.  Purchase them a gift.  Slide them some extra cash, etc. etc.

#7 Mail Blitz
Absolutely FLOOD your Pastors mailbox with cards and letters of appreciation for a solid week!

#8 Send Your Pastor PACKING
on VACATION of course!! What is that unique trip your Pastor would absolutely love? Is it a fishing trip? Golf excursion?  Quiet bed & breakfast?  Find out what it is and send them a packing!

#9 Money Tree
Money doesn't grow on trees. BUT why not let that happen during the month of OCTOBER!  Bless your Pastor with a tree full of money!

#10 31 Days of Madness Gladness
A day in the life of a Pastor can be interesting to say the least. Make the entire month an unforgettable one for your Pastor by scheduling one thing a day to bless your Pastor!