Tuesday, December 22, 2009

through the little things...

Our team just got back from IMPACT APPALACHIA last weekend and WHAT a POWERFUL time we had!  We will share with you shortly some more details of how amazing this trip was, but I want to share one quick story of one of the incredible "GOD" moments we had on the trip.  

Every child that shows up receives a wrapped gift.  These gifts come from our local PCG churches who sponsor the children as apart of Project Christmas/Impact Appalachia.  After the event in Virginia, a lady came up in a wheelchair to one of our team members and with tears in her eyes shared this story.  

Her daughter had been wanting this particular type of toy (some brand of Polly Pocket Doll) for a LONG, LONG time but their family was unable to afford it.  Now when it comes time to pass out gifts, the packages are randomly passed out to the children. Keep in mind we have NO idea what is inside each package, they are simply labeled BOY or GIRL and a grade level.  Out of all the nearly 200 packages that were passed out that day, guess what that little girl received? The EXACT (to the tee) Polly Pocket Doll that she had been dreaming of!!

Watch GOD work:

-God moves on a families heart to sponsor a child
-the family goes to the store and out of the thousands of toys they choose THAT exact doll
-out of the 250 packages that day, a team member randomly grabs that package and delivers it to the little girl
-a family is impacted... they FEEL the LOVE of God...they realize that HE cares for them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help us plan the 2011 General Convention

By Bishop Charles Scott
We would love your feedback on the following:
  1. Would you favor a conference forum with breakout sessions?

  2. What type of sessions would interest you?

  3. Would you prefer outside speakers for the main services?

  4. Would you prefer department led services per history?

  5. What are the most important areas for you in relation to general convention, i.e. what do you expect from the meeting?

  6. What would you most desire from general convention?

  7. What would you like to say about general convention?