Friday, February 26, 2010

God Is

A couple of weeks ago we were in New York City. We connected with new friends from Times Square Church. A really cool campaign they have started to reach their community called GOD IS. I have not stopped thinking about it since I saw it on the subway. It is a cool logo but more importantly is the substance of those two words. God Is... You fill in the rest. You can go and see their initiative at As a preacher I can go off on who God is. He is my ever present help in the time of trouble, he is my comforter, he is my strong tower, he is my refuge, he is my hiding place, he is my provider, he is my healer... Ok, it is 5:45 am as i am writing this and I am getting goose bumps about who God is to me so now it is your turn to tell about who God Is to you. Here is a pic of our friends and of the add in all of the subway's in New York.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I continue to live in my recent experience of Israel & Jerusalem. It was my second time to visit. The first being in 1998. One of our guides said it right when she said " People come to Israel to feel". What a right on statement. It brings the word of GOD to life to experience this beautiful land that our faith centers around. We are dreaming the opportunity to take Teens and leaders back in May/June of 2011 with our friend Micheal Onifer of Eagles Wings. Let me share some of the pics of mine and Teena's journey. The pics from Top to Bottom. 1) Joe & Teena under the Temple Mount next to the Western Wall of the Temple on the actual level of the street during the time of Christ. 2) J&T on a boat on the Sea of Galilee 3) Teena at the opening to the Garden Tomb the burial place of Jesus. 4) J&T at the Jordan River. Shalom

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am in New York City today. I will post a blog tomorrow about my experience today at Times Square Church, but before that I want you to watch the Daughters of Divine Worship performing for Haiti relief on the News in Washington DC. They have blessed us for years at our National Teen Talent Expos. It is exciting to see them sharing their gift and talent with the world and using it to bring hope and comfort hearts. Way to go ladies, we love you all. Enjoy and hit us back with your thoughts as we FOLLOW THE IMPACT.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A group of teens in Jefferson City, Mo. are helping to raise money through a benefit concert to help one of their teens who had his eye shot out by a pellet gun in an accident. The insurance company refused to pay for a glass eye for Micheal who is 13, so the group sprung into action to help. What an inspiration. We Can Help so many if we want to. This is part of our core value in Christ. Seeing a need and helping. I hope you enjoy this story on the local news.
Here is the link:

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