Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hope for Haiti day 2...

The IMPACT team started the day full force ahead picking up right where they left off the night before! One group finished clearing out one of the school buildings and preparing it to (hopefully) be roofed tomorrow and then put back into action as a school! Right now the children are currently gathering under tarps to have school, so this will be a tremendous blessing!!

While one group was working on the school house the rest of the team tackled the huge project of painting the mission house!!! It is so vital that this home be preserved...and we wanted to do our part in making sure of this! Tomorrow we will share with you the before & after pictures, they are amazing! Everyone that walked by (with 1100 on the campus there is a CONTINUOUS stream of traffic) commented on how beautiful it was!

After painting our entire teamed moved down beside the temporary school house and worked hard on clearing out and additional playing area. This area was a massive pile of trash/debris/glass/anything you can imagine, and Team IMPACT turned it into a nice flat/safe surface where the children can play!

After lunch we set up a Medical station and for 2 solid hours served a continuous flow of over 100 people from infants to an 84 year old lady. Our team treated cuts, bruises, rashes, colds, and a variety of medical issues, and ofcourse prayed for each person and their family.

Our team finished the day by joining the evening bible study with Pastor Raynold (pictured here with Joe Skiles). It was an amazing time of prayer, worship, & sharing of the word. It was quite overwhelming to here the group singing "How Great Thou Art" together in unison in both English & Creole together.

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  1. So amazing and beautiful. You are all TRUE Christ followers!