Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Impact Intern Spotlight: Lance Fussell

Fuss is a second year intern with Impact Ministries. He is a worship major at
Messenger College. Fuss loves to play the drums, drink Dr. Pepper, and
serve others.
“Serving is the most important thing in ministry, whether it is the bottom or the top, cleaning toilets or pastoring a church.”

This motto is something my dad taught me and what I now live by. Growing up, I was always involved in the Georgia District. I loved to serve at church camp and different youth events. As a minister’s son I had many roles, but media and worship were always my passion.

Summerfest was always one of my favorite Impact events. It was incredible to watch talented students from all over the country glorify God. I first saw the Impact interns through Summerfest. Every year I would watch the interns serve in many different ways. I admired their servant leadership and the program intrigued me. Little did I know I would serve as an Impact intern not once but twice.

In 2015, I began my journey as an Impact intern. I had just graduated high school and was enrolled at Messenger College. It was hard to give up my last summer at home, but I knew the Lord would grow me throughout that summer. In the beginning, I was very shy, but God began to bring me out of my comfort zone and meet many new friends I still have today. The two biggest things God taught me was how to be uncomfortable and how to be patient. I served as a dancer for kid’s worship which was completely out of my comfort zone. I also served with nine individuals for an entire summer. Patience was definitely key as we all had different personalities, pet peeves, and roles.  As I look back, I think of that summer as a time of great growth in my life both personally and spiritually.  

This year, I was so excited to be able to serve Impact once again. I wanted to travel to more places and connect with more people. The Lord has definitely stretched me once again. This year, I am more outgoing and social with others. I have also been able to serve in a media and worship capacity. As a worship major, I have loved getting to gain more experience as a drummer and worship team member. This summer, God has taught me to not be afraid and to continue to push myself further outside of my comfort zone.

Overall, this internship has made a huge impact on my life and I will forever be grateful for this experience.

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