Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Impact Intern Spotlight: Timothy Ford

Timmy is a 17 year old, high school senior from Oregon. This is Timmy's second year serving with Impact Student Ministries. Timmy loves Dutch Bros Coffee, texting, dancing, and making new friends.
“I want to go, but I can’t go alone…” Those were the words spoken by my 14 year old friend who wanted to go on the Impact Internship. Her parents would not allow her to go to the internship alone and spur of the moment I said “yes”. Little did I know this yes would be one of my best decisions.
One week before I said yes, I had given a speech at school about my life. I wanted to be an accountant and attend Notre Dame. You see, my parents are in ministry meaning I was constantly in the spotlight. I never imagined going into ministry. I just wanted to sit in the third row of church, make a good living, and enjoy my life as I wanted it. However, God had other plans… 
As I began my journey as an intern, I was brought out of my comfort zone and stretched in many ways. Fiona Parker (our leader) is an incredible woman of God and one of the best children’s speakers I have ever heard. Throughout the summer, she rubbed off on me. I became more confident in my speaking abilities and I was able to meet many new people.
One of my favorite quotes is “a leader should be comfortable to be uncomfortable.” I was definitely uncomfortable during this internship, but the Lord worked wonders. The Lord convicted me and completely crushed the plan I had for my life and replaced it with His plan for my life. I now feel called to ministry whether it is in the forefront or background. I believe in whatever I do I need to glorify God and not hold back.
I chose to come back for a second year because this internship was a turning point in my life and I looked forward to it all year. I have had a great time so far ministering to kids and I cannot wait for the rest of the summer.

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