Friday, July 28, 2017

Impact Intern Spotlight: Seth Westmoreland

Seth is a 16 year old pastor's kid from Indiana and a first year
intern with Impact Ministries. Seth is addicted to McDonalds,
loves baseball, and has discovered how wonderful pedicures are.

God Answers

There is one question I have pondered my entire life... One question that society puts so much pressure on… A question everyone must answer for themselves with the help of God...

What is my calling in life?

Calling. It is crazy to think how much power this one word has. As a 16 year old in today's society, you have a lot of pressure put on you to decide what college you want to attend, what job you should have, and ultimately what your calling is. Friends my age would have their entire lives figured out and I was just there... waiting for God to answer my prayer.

Little did I know the answer to this question would be revealed when I least expected it.

I first encountered the Impact team when they came to my church camp in Indiana. I will admit I was skeptical of them at first. A group of 10 strangers entering your camp is hard to say the least. However, as I got to know all the interns, I developed many new friendships and memories. After camp, I was sold! I knew I wanted to become an Impact Intern.

I loved what this internship stood for and the people in it. An added bonus was that I was able to spend an entire summer with my close friends (the Rows) and my brother, Eli. Going into this internship, I expected a summer of ministering to kids and developing friendships, but I got so much more...

In the beginning of this internship, Jesika felt the Lord leading her to tell me that I would discover my calling this summer. I was shocked and anxiously waited for the Lord to speak. I thought God would answer this question through one life changing encounter, but it was different. As we ministered to kids and teens from camp to camp, I slowly began to feel a calling to ministry. I had a strong feeling about ministry, but I still wasn't sure. At the end of a random service, Fiona (our leader) prayed over me and began to affirm the call I felt to ministry but specifically to become a pastor. It was amazing! She had no idea the Lord was leading me in this direction. She simply obeyed God and he ministered to me.

This summer has been incredible to say the least. Aside from finding my calling, I have made friends at every camp we have visited. I have loved getting to know new people and discovering more about God. Overall, I'm thankful for this experience and the opportunity to lead as a 16 year old.


  1. I love you Seth 😝😝😝😝😝😝

  2. "my close friends (the Rows)" made me smile!